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Team Building For Success

Conflict or confusion can seriously damage productivity and workflow in a team – any manager worth having will tell you that. And, of course, the opposite is true. A team that bonds, gets on well together and works FOR each other will have a high quality of work and volume of output.

You can bring out the best in your team, both collectively and individually through team building exercises.

These can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but they will promote a healthy team ethic.

The reason that you build a team is to achieve success, strive for a shared goal. It doesn’t matter if that is a business goal, a sporting goal or different kind of goal all together.

It might be a big project or it might be several small projects that make up a finished product or ending. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that a productive team will be able to work together, fully focused on reaching the goal and achieving success.

Creating a sense of ownership for everyone in the group over both the project and the finished product will help the team feel important, breeding a shared feeling of responsibility.

Start by making clear what your objectives are right at the start and how you intend to go about achieving them.

This will breed a shared commitment within your team and it is also the best time to address any issues or concerns they may have about the project. To help deal with any issues that may arise further down the road set progress indicators – if they’re not met, you will know and you can sort it out, if they are, a sense of achievement will spread through the team, spurring them on.

The type of project you are working on will ultimately determine what team building strategies you will use. It may be a group-based project in which everyone pitches in, or a management run project in which there is a significant proportion of direction or it might be the whole business working as one team.

The group-based project will need more focus on an individual’s strengths and abilities as there will be a good amount of working both in a team and as an individual, and you will need to boost morale as well as dealing with poor attitudes.

You should look to build your team building strategies into the daily tasks of the project. A group-based project will naturally create a sense of team purpose but by adding in your own strategies you will ensure this is continues and that each individual retains their own voice – and their own tasks – while continuing to work with their fellow team members.

Outside of the working environment it might be worth taking time out to further develop your team through team building events and weekends. A corporate event management company is the ideal way to organise this sort of team building exercise and there are plenty of them around.

Team building days incorporate all sorts of events that force individuals to work together and have proven to be a huge success for many companies.

By incorporating your ideas into a fun, productive and interesting environment you will foster a more productive team. All it takes is a little time to consider the goals you wish to accomplish and the skills that you wish to instil in your team so that they can realise the potential you know that they have.

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