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How Your Real Colors Personality Profile Plays Out in the Workplace

The staff of the Family First Infant-Toddler Program is well respected in its region for the high caliber of services it has to offer families. The teachers and aides are well trained and have among them decades of experi- ence, both practical and professional. They know their stuff and are eager to share it. But it seems every time they attempt any kind of outreach to the community, the message falls flat. There is a trickle of interest, but never the enthusiastic flood they are hoping for.

Turns out, more than 60% of the Family First folks have the same Real Colors® style in common. Not surprising considering they’re all involved in the same kind of work. What’s even more interesting, though, is if we include the secondary color of all the staff members, the figure goes up to over 90%. What our friends at Family First figured out was that their promotional materials were all created around their shared style, not taking into account that the general public – who are their consumers – are a much broader mix of styles. Just tuning into this simple fact made all the difference in the world.

So, next time you are planning a program, remember to keep in mind the Real Colors styles of your target audience. Make sure there’s something there for everyone, from the opening pitch of the idea to the wrap up on the last day of the event. You will find you have much greater success if you consider the styles of all your listeners so that everyone feels like the program was created especially for them.

For more information on a Real Colors Workshop Contact: April Schilling |

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2 thoughts on “How Your Real Colors Personality Profile Plays Out in the Workplace

  1. Mrs. Schilling, this information has truly peaked my interest.

    I am a co founder of YDTR LLC. Youth Dreams To Reality. A new nonprofit organization in Arizona. And as we look for the best methods of promotion and getting the word out into the communities. We know that it will be a heavy task.

    I’m sure understanding more of “real colors” can be pivotal.

    1. Hi Jaimel,

      Thank you for your comment and interest.

      I have been fortunate to use the Real Colors program with Fortune 500 companies, universities, doctor offices, school corporations, etc. Our system takes those involved through the process and testing to identify their individual personality color. Then we normally put the individuals in their real color groups to identify strengths and potential blind spots of their personality type and how they differ from the other three real color groups. We use video clips and discussion topics to help understand each color. Further, we formulate scenarios that are common to the specific work place with the goal to help each person see more clearly how they and their co-workers are “wired” to more effectively and enjoyably do their jobs. If you would like to discuss further please email me:

      It’s been our experience that those who go through the program have much greater understanding of themselves, co-workers, and those they work with.

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