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The Inventory of Success

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They set goals for themselves.

Successful people realize that everything worth having in has a price-tag in terms of training and effort. They understand that success has its cost, but they pay their way knowingly, keeping their eyes on their goals.

They realize their future success in the final analysis will depend upon their own personal efforts.

Successful people consider work a privilege, not a chore.

They accept personal responsibility for their own success.

Successful people don’t depend upon luck, They know that success goes only where it’s invited.

They know that willpower, not magic, turns dreams, into reality.

Successful people have a high frustration tolerance. They don’t become discouraged at temporary setbacks. They learn from these setbacks and look ahead to the next challenge with optimism.

They don’t waste time thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. They don’t complain about what they haven’t got. They develop to the maximum what they have.

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Though willing to change for the better, successful people do not flit from one method or technique to the other from day to day. They determine a long-range course of action and follow through on it with faith in its effectiveness.

Successful people profit by their own mistakes, and they profit by the mistakes of others.

They avoid negative thoughts and defeatist thinking.

Successful people don’t have head-trouble, but they do have guts.

They are totally reliable and responsible in training matters.

They don’t alibi. They know the best excuse is the one you never make.

Successful people set examples for others.

Successful people are enthusiastic. They generate their own enthusiasm. They don’t grumble, moan, groan, and complain.

People who fail tend to be cynical. They believe their superiors are not leading them properly. They are unwilling to be impressed or inspired.

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