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Completion and Simplification – A Productivity Secret

by Lisa Shultz


Are you a starter or a finisher? Do you have many unfinished projects on your desk? Have you created a countless, unreasonable to-do list? Are you a serial entrepreneur who tries out new ventures on a regular basis? Are you ready to move towards a completion and simplification life style and as a result enjoy more satisfaction and success?

Multi-tasking and juggling multiple projects is not an effective way to get things done. A better strategy is to direct your focus to one task giving it your full attention and energy. With a single direction, you can produce a higher quality end result and feel the satisfaction of being a finisher.

Moving back and forth between projects wastes time. You will find yourself reviewing what you started to see where you left off, but if you had never left the project in the first place, you would not need to keep revisiting it. You will simply keep progressing at a steady rate with a one-task focus.

If you have created a life so filled with responsibilities, distractions and things to do that you have lost your ability to focus, here are some tips to simplify, clarify and become a completer.

    • Write everything down on paper. Don’t try to remember a new idea or a new task from memory. Have a place where you record all things you want to do.
    • Use a paper day, week and monthly planner. At the beginning of the month, write 1-5 things that you would like to accomplish both personally and in business. Do not allow yourself to have a list much longer than 5 as the longer the list, the less likely you will achieve it.
    • At the end of the month, schedule a review of your month and set the intention for the next. Again, avoid the temptation to have a long list. Get clear about what really matters.
    • Select a planner that allows you to see the whole week at one glance. Check off appointments as you complete them and cross off cancellations. Keep your daily task list to 5 items or less.
    • De-commit from groups, activities and responsibilities that no longer feel meaningful. Release obligations that feel heavy. Learn to say no. Stand up for what really matters to your core values. Get clear on your priorities and make shift to reflect that clarity.
    • Write out a personal mission statement or motto. When new opportunities arise, verify it is in alignment with your deeper purpose and the focus of your month or year. Let go of guilt. Most people respect someone who stands their ground with integrity by giving an honest, respectful decline of your offer than someone who agrees and then disappears or never fulfills what you hoped they would do.
    • Simplify all parts of your life. Go for quality instead of quantity in everything you do. Look for ways to reduce clutter whether that is your desk, emails in your inbox, your closets or your mind.
    • Cut to the chase in all matters. Email only when necessary and keep it short and to the point. Have your meetings start promptly and end on time with a clear agenda. Eliminate time wasters and distractors wherever you see them.

Busyness has become the new norm to most people and there is often an endless cycle of new waves of technology, new promises of fast money, new groups, clubs, books and seminars. But when you begin to strip away all the clutter in your life, decisions come more easily because you are not feeling pulled by distractions and temptations as often.

Once you cross over to the completion and simplification lifestyle, you begin to feel such liberation and increased enjoyment of your life, that it becomes addictive. Instead of busyness being your default mode, it only happens on occasions and you quickly become irritated by it. The bliss and satisfaction of completing important matters and projects becomes your goal. Larger success and increased free time are the rewards in ever-increasing ratios.

Every day you can conscientiously move in the direction of the liberation that comes with completing what you start, de-committing to what no longer serves you and simplifying each day and segment of your life. If you long for a more simple and meaningful existence, it is possible, but it is up to you and your every day choices. Begin today with one step to complete, de-commit, clear clutter or say no. Keep adding steps until your cross over to the land of freedom!


And if you would like to know more about success principles and harnessing the power of your mind and thoughts, visit with Lisa on her personal website. She loves to inspire you and has many success tips to add sparks of excitement to your life.

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