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Living with a 99% effort


I got this list from entrepreneur and business author Harvey Mackay’s book
Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.” (If you click on the name of the book,
you can see a portion of the book from Amazon) In the book, he gives credit to
Armond Bouchie for using this list in his job application portfolio.



If we had to live with 99% effort, we would have:

  1. One hour of unsafe drinking water every month,
  2. Two unsafe plane landings per day at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport,
  3. 16,000 pieces of lost mail every hour,
  4. 22 checks deducted from the wrong bank account every week,
  5. 500 incorrect surgical operations every week,
  6. 12 babies given to the wrong parents every day,
  7. 20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions each year, and
  8. 800,000 credit cards with incorrect information.


A 100% effort makes sense.


For another angle on the importance of a 100% effort, click on

the image below for a very inspirational video:

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