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10 Ways to Re-Motivate Yourself

by Doug Hart


The past few weeks have been sort of unproductive for me, mostly because of certain distractions that for the most part were beyond my control (scheduling problems, personal things that needed attention, the usual).Now I look back and say “how could let myself do this?” I feel as if I accomplished very little, and it’s time to buckle down again, put nose to the grindstone, and get some serious work done! But, how do I do it?

What I need is a way to get “super-motivated”, so I came up with a list of ways to really pile on the motivation. I came up with 10 pretty good ones, most of which I already was utilizing at least some of the time. Let me know if you have some more, I’m always trying to extend this list!

#1 – Change your routine – wake up earlier and be more productive. I usually try to get up at least one hourbefore l must leave for work, in order to do some quick exercises, go over my plan for the day, and make sure I’m ready to rock n’ roll first thing. I like to change this routine occasionally, so I don’t get in a rut. Even making an extra 20-25 minutes to prepare can leave you in a better mood to start the day.

#2 – Listen to motivational audio on the way to work. Or, if you work at home as I do sometimes, listen as you get ready to work. There are many motivational CD recordings out there, I use ones from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, or Bob Proctor, but there are many good ones out there.

#3 – List to inspirational music! I don’t know about you, but nothing gets my blood pumping faster than great music that I love, such as some good Eric Clapton, Green Day, or other hard rock. But anything you have an emotional connection with will work, it’s like magic to pick up your mood.

#4 – Utilize self-talk or affirmations. I do a whole list of affirmations in the mornings, and usually at night as well. But any kind of positive self-talk can really motivate you if used correctly, it’s what you say to yourself that makes the difference.

#5 – Stay away from negative people. This may sound kind of cruel or unkind, but hey, let’s be honest. If you any friends that are really bringing you down, you must either let them know about it and hope they change, or stay away. Life is too short to hang around negative people, and don’t’ think it won’t affect you because eventually it will!

#6 – Take a positive action. Think about what you have been meaning to start, or stop recently. Something you have been putting off, maybe? Take that trip to the gym, start that new diet, finish that book you started 6 months ago, anything really. Just taking a positive direction towards something makes you feel more in control of things, which boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.

#7 – Start an exercise routine. Ok, I kind of covered this in the last point but it’s really important. This is critical to your physical and mental health, exercise is not an option it is a mandate. If you exercise regularly you will automatically add many years to your life and improve your outlook on life.

#8 – Try zero-based thinking. This is a simple but powerful concept to change your thought process. Is there anything in your life that you would stop doing, looking at the big picture? If you had to go back and do it again, would you? This can apply to a business, a hobby, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a choice you made on something that takes your time and energy. If you wouldn’t do it again, stop doing it now!

#9 – Reevaluate your schedule. Take a serious look at every little thing you do every day for a week. Are you wasting a significant amount of time doing something of little value? Either eliminate if from your life, or drastically cut down on this task or habit. Sometimes just rearranging your schedule can save you time as well, such as doing a “high-value” task early in the day while you’re wide awake and full of energy instead of after lunch when you’re tired.

#10 – Reward yourself. Sometimes it really helps to reward yourself after making a great effort. Why? Because psychologically a reward gives us a boost of pleasure after something that takes extra effort, which will encourage us to do it again. Sounds like “psyching” yourself out, right? Yes, you can fool yourself, although don’t take it to extremes or you will be doing more rewarding than working on moving forward.

These are just a few suggestions, I’m sure you can get creative and think of more. In fact I would encourage it! The more you can get in the habit of boosting your motivation, the more you will accomplish. In turn, you will boost your confidence in reaching the goals you have set for yourself and move faster and farther than you ever thought possible!

To your continued success and happiness!

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One thought on “10 Ways to Re-Motivate Yourself

  1. Doug, good post. Nice reminder and confirmation that I am on the right track with my routines. I thought that was interesting that you do nightly affirmations. I know that the idea is that ten minutes before and after waking is the best time to reach your subconscious, but I would not think affirmations would be best said at that time. Interesting perspective. I also wrote some on this topic of routines if you want to check it out on my site. Check out the posts entitled13 Evening Routine Shockers How to Build a Better You and The Truth About Morning Routines (21 Super Easy Solutions).

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