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Why Winners Stay Undefeated

by Brian McClellan

If you knew you could do one thing that would always bring you closer to winning, would you do it? Of course! All the time, right? So, do you always approach your life with a winning positive attitude?

Hold that thought. It is easy to be positive when things are going well. Most people can score touchdowns or accept awards with smiles on their faces. But will you look for the positive when it is hard to find? Can you view an iffy situation with a constructive mindset? Can you see past apparent evil to find the good in the people around you? Is your natural bias to solve the problem or lament your situation? This is not nearly as easy as mugging for the camera after you’ve thrown down your world’s equivalent to a rim shaking dunk. Yet, your greatness depends upon your ability to find the positive in every situation.

There are not many guarantees in life, but I can guarantee this one thing. Adversity will find you at some point. As you quarterback your way through life, life at some point will intercept your best pass; return it for a touchdown, and then dance like Deion Sanders in your end zone. Life, my friends, is gonna hit you from the blind side on occasion. Your ability to conjure positive thoughts at precisely this moment will determine how your game will end.

Why choose the positivity? I dare you to give me one example of enduring greatness that was driven by negativity. Someone who was great because he hated, he envied, he sought revenge, he was spiteful. It can’t be done. Why? Because negative emotions are worthless. Hate, jealously, envy, revenge, spite and general mean-spiritedness can not bring you anything. And before you say that “me against the world” is a great motivator, stop and think. All negative emotions must be turned into something positive before they can be useful. Anyone who has achieved greatness, even if they harbored negative thoughts, had to envision something positive and put positive action in place.

Just as you work daily to sharpen your skills in your trade, you must work to improve your ability to be positive at all times. This is the most important skill you can develop, no matter your field of expertise.

But beware! Along the way, “haters” will try to bait you into sharing their special brand of misery. Before I move on, a definition. A hater, simply put, dispenses hate. Haters are easily identified. They are the ones that get no joy from your joy, no satisfaction from your success. Haters are the most poisonous people you can have in your camp. They are Kryptonite, Superman. They are the fox in the henhouse, the mold on your bread, the worst of bad news. Don’t be a hater and don’t tolerate them around you.

Incorrigible positivity is the reason winners stay undefeated. Winners, as do we all, lose some games, but they always remain in the game. They refuse to retire to the sidelines. They always have another act, another card to play, another reason to rise from the turf. Winners can’t seem to get the vision of the next victory out of their head. Now, answer my question. What is that one thing you can never leave home without?

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One thought on “Why Winners Stay Undefeated

  1. This is a well-crafted piece, and a great read. I was fortunate to play college football. I just talked to my mom yesterday about how when I was 16 and 17 I wanted to prove people wrong, but like as you mentioned I was still envisioning success, and happiness. Great work!

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