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Why We Let FRIGHT Control Us

Many believe our fear of failure is dominant in terms of why we proceed in certain ways. However, in more cases than not, it’s not the fear of failing but often succeeding which is responsible for how we respond, and proceed!

fear of failureEither way, why do we permit our FRIGHT to control us? Wouldn’t we be better served, if / when, we automatically, sought to transform lemons, into, lemonade? When one faces one of life’s obstacles most treat these as problems, when a better result would come from considering these, as challenges to overcome!

With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss using the mnemonic approach: what this means and represents, why it matters, and how it’s up to each of us to determine our mindset, attitude, and response.

1. Face facts; foresight; fears

One of the greatest dangers most of us face is the tendency to procrastinate when well-considered proactive behavior would be far more beneficial! When we proceed with the foresight to face the facts, rather than succumb to our fears, our positive possibilities become endless and overcome the natural tendencies which create further challenges!

2. Relevant; realistic; rationale

Responding to fears in a relevant, realistic manner and maintaining a positive rationale, and a can – do, attitude is the best strategy to move forward effectively rather than becoming one’s own worst enemy!

3. Integrity; imagination; ideas; inspiring

Never lie to yourself, because unless / until, you consistently proceed with absolute integrity, you minimize your possibilities! Expand your imagination and consider various, viable options and alternatives, to provide quality possibilities and ideas! Will you proceed in a personally inspiring way or a potentially damaging one?

4. Growth; greater

The only way we can become greater, personally, is to seek to maximize the degree of your personal growth in the most beneficial way. Click To TweetFocus on the reasons you can, rather than why you cannot!

5. Head/ heart; healing

Overcoming your fears takes many factors and actions and must use the finest aspects of both your emotional and logical components in a head / heart balance! You begin your personal healing when your goals and aspirations begin to outweigh your focus on failing and what might occur (from a negative perspective)!

6. Tell truth; time – tested, timely

Be honest with yourself, because unless / until you tell yourself the truth, you can’t become the best. And you can! Constantly seek to improve and learn relevant skills. Learn from both your experiences, as well as the time tested knowledge of others! Avoid procrastinating and proceed, in a well considered, timely manner.

You can let your fears, and FRIGHT, control you or you can learn to, and commit to, overcoming these in your own best interests! Do you really want to become the best you can?

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