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Do You Believe In You? 7 Actions to Ensure Your Ultimate Growth!


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I am not sure if you have asked yourself this question in a reflective way; or given it any deep or meaningful thought, but it is a question with a significant amount of depth and worth!

You may approach this question very lightly or feel that it is a very limited concept, only applying to a narrow part of who you are, but your belief in yourself (whether good or bad) permeates every interaction you have, your thoughts, the actions you take and the decision made consciously or subconsciously… fundamentally this question and how you respond to it has a bearing on your entire existence!

Believe In Your Ultimate Potential

believe in youYou are a phenomenal creation who has been endowed with a brilliant set of skills, capabilities and gifts, which, when given a proper focus, a specific intent and the correct outlet; can be expressed with great significance and have an immense impact on the lives of those around you as well as your society as a whole!

This may perceive to be a rather grand statement and one of inflated promise… but it is true!

You have phenomenal potential within you! A potential that can change lives and your environment for good!

Remove Your Biggest Source of Doubt!

You hold yourself back by adopting a mindset that intrenches itself into a comfort zone. This reinforces some ideas and perceptions that, on face value have their sources in well-meaning character-based principles; however, this is limiting your potential and the ULTIMATE PURPOSE you were created for.

Do not let your defence of the good around you stop you from achieving the great that is on offer!

Some Ways this Limiting Mindset Becomes Apparent:

You defend your current position or situation. You may not like what you do or how you are living… but you defend it! Your defence manifests in your constant rationalizations of NOT going for your goals or it focuses on the responsibility of now as opposed to the greater responsibility of growth. You defend your results by thinking that this is as good as it is going to get!

You continuously convince yourself that “the successful ones are the lucky ones” and that “you’re just unlucky”. Well to be frank we all make our own luck… good or bad!

You do not feel that you are able to carry more responsibility than you currently are. You feel that you may get “burnt out” or that more responsibility is only ever a burden. The truth lies in that the more we give, the more we get… we are created to serve and give and do… often way more than we think we are capable of!

You often feel that you do not deserve to partake in the abundance that is around you! You may think and feel that you are not capable of doing what others are able to do.

The alibi that you may reinforce… more abundance more problems! The problems abundance brings are lot better and easier to manage than the problems that poverty, lack or limitation bring.

You have to be thankful for what you got… and that’s that! Be thankful, accept and do not ask for more… as though asking will lead to some sort of punishment. Never mistake dissatisfaction with felling ungrateful. We can be thankful and dissatisfied at the same time. A feeling of dissatisfaction is a sign of your inherent desires wanting greater and more effective expression!

Often the religious person may use the “God Willing” alibi as an excuse for a lifetime of weak or non-existent action! For the faithful an expression of increasing faith is one where we demonstrate an increasing belief in ourselves by taking bigger action and making greater sacrifices.

All the above are endemic of the mental cancer that is Doubt or Unbelief!

Begin to change you mindset to eradicate this cancer!

The Best Lies Within…

The best part of a changed mindset is that you are open to the changed perspective that a new awareness brings, along with the belief that new understanding fosters with respect to how you believe in yourself!

Some fundamentals you need to understand:

We have all been created equally and endowed, in equal abundance, with gifts and talents to contribute in increasing measure, to the upliftment and success of everyone we are connected to but more importantly ourselves.

There is an equal amount of time given for all… how we choose to use it is what makes a difference in the results between people.

Image by dougandpetegardening from Pixabay

Adversity is an Opportunity… No one is sheltered from adversity! Your adversity may appear more intense or impossible to overcome but your adversity is unique to you. This is to ensure that the specific development of your unique and wonderful skill and gift along with its intended outcome is realised!

Change is not only possible but necessary.

The brilliant benefit of ever increasing self-belief is that you are able to adapt to circumstances more rapidly, you recognise opportunity to serve and contribute in every interaction. You recognise that you are the best gift you can give when you make the most of yourself to give the best of yourself; all of this is capped off by the mental freedom that comes from knowing that there is no person, opinion, circumstance or situation that will ever hold you back again!

7 Actions to Ensure Your Ultimate Growth!

  1. Decide: do not focus on what you believe is possible based on your current results or status… make a decision for what you really want!
  2. Think in detail: highlight and get very specific about the characteristics, detail and definition of your goal and the freedom this will bring. Think like this constantly as though it is guaranteed!
  3. Take Action: starting with small manageable milestones, begin to implement a changed lifestyle, new discipline and improved routines. Progress to bigger accomplishments and gains as your confidence and your belief increase and become resolute!
  4. Model your behaviours: align your behaviours… the good ones, after a person that has accomplished what you want to accomplish or has attained
  5. Study: we do not know what we do not know… that is why you need to study more about yourself, what makes you… you, the success principles that surround you and also the strategies you can adopt to bring about significant change. Sound knowledge leads to a steadfast belief!
  6. Gratitude: continuously focus on finding a way for your gratitude to increase. Gratitude is a wonderful skill to develop as this connects you intimately with your source of supply!
  7. Persist: the most fundamental way to develop belief is by focusing your efforts and energy into a specific outcome then continuing until this specific outcome has been achieved! Its not over until you Win!

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