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Major Qualities of an Exceptional Leader

by Dinesh Dhiman


There are loads of followers but not enough leaders in the world and the situation is pretty alarming. One may count major visionaries and leaders on fingertips as great ones are quite hard to find. What are the major personality traits that set a leader apart from the others? Well, the most prolific leaders happen to have certain qualities such as the following:

– Having a clear vision

– Effective communication

– People Management Skills

– Problem Solving

Clear Vision:

Effective leaders are able to chalk out a clear vision of the future and would make sufficient efforts to ensure that such future comes true. What problems are holding their followers and their own business concerns? They are able to lead their followers successfully out of a difficult situation whenever the need arises. They are able to anticipate future better than the others and take appropriate action in time.

Effective Communication

Great leaders have effective oratory skills. They communicate their message to their followers, who in turn grasp the message without fail. In a way, great leaders ‘sell’ their vision to others and make them understand their viewpoint. Anyone who cannot communicate well would find it quite difficult to become a great leader.

Good communication skills prove to be immensely useful during difficult times. The followers of a leader would look up to him or her in crunch situations. The leader should be able to convince them for taking difficult decisions whenever required. Making people believe in you is extremely difficult and a leader with exceptional communication skills can do that easily.

People Management Skills

Great leaders and visionaries have exceptional people management skills. They are able to take their teams along with them and guide their team members well. In addition, it is pretty important for a leader to actively listen to the problems of his or her followers, be flexible and be good in judging people. A great sense of humor helps at times as it can diffuse conflicts and tensions.

Problem Solving

Proactive problem solving is another skill that is desired in leaders as difficult problems are going to arise almost every other day. Whom will the team look forward to in such situations? If the team leader is unable to lead others, the team is going to lose confidence in him or her pretty quickly.

If you too want to evolve into a leader, you ought to have the above mentioned qualities for sure. Acquiring these skills would take some time and you must be willing to make whatever effort is required for the same. Only then people are going to accept you as their leader and express confidence in you!

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