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Leaders Must Act While Others Wait

One of the most consistent differences between someone who behaves and performs as a true leader, versus those merely serving in some position of leadership, is that those who actually lead take timely action, while lesser individuals procrastinate, and seem to hope that others step forward and act. Real leaders never sit back and review polls before they act, nor do they only do something when they believe it is the most popular thing to do. Rather, they realize, understand, and consistently perform in such a manner, that indicates that they will perform as true leaders while the vast majority of individuals merely WAIT.

1. If you want to truly lead, ask yourself directly if you are willing to do even the unpopular things, if these actions are needed to enhance your performance and/ or your organization’s vitality, relevance and sustainabilty. Are you prepared to wonder what needs to be done (and how) in order to improve your group’s and your performances? Do you realize that withstanding criticism is part of the job, and someone who is never criticized probably is not leading, because someone will always have something negative to say about what any leader is doing (or not doing)?

2. Are you able to analyze thoroughly what the reality at present is, what the alternative approaches might be, and then transform that to needed action and activity? If you are able to do so, it permits you to assess what you need to evaluate, review and do, and proceed in a consistent manner with a positive attitude.

3. One can never claim to lead unless they start with developing and utilizing meaningful ideas. These must then be integrated into a well formulated system. A real leader is the one who takes the lead, and initiates the activities needed, for the objective of seeking genuine and essential improvement in how one leads, and what it means to the organization.

4. Do you want to be, and do you have the ability to be an important trendsetter? Do you prove yourself to be, by demonstrating that you are absolutely trustworthy? Every genuine leader realizes that it is an essential component of leading that he takes charge of challenging or potentially obstacle – filled situations, and make his organization better for his efforts!

Perhaps this can be summed up by remembering that there can be no procrastinating if you are a true leader! Do what you can to make yourself the best leader you possibly can!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to over a thousand leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for over 30 years. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website: and LIKE the Facebook page for leadership planning:

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