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Kevin Eastman on Leadership

Kevin Eastman is a Worldwide Speaker on Leadership & Team Building.  The lessons he teaches are applicable everywhere.  These area few of his tweets.  You can follow him at!/kevineastman

  • Part of leadership is motivating those you lead. So you must know what actually motivates each person. The critical part is tapping into that!
  • What you “expect” is not often what you get. What you “earn” is certainly more apt to get you going in that direction. Earning trumps expecting!
  • DO you ever think: why him or her? My thought is “if them; then why not me”. Put it on yourself to make it YOU – not THEM (or anyone else)!
  • What you do; how you do it; and who you associate with on a daily basis will determine your image and your impact!
  • The most important list you need to make: the list of things you need to do to become what you want to become…. Get the paper out now!
  • It’s ok to be at a loss of words, but we should never be at a loss of ideas or vision of ourselves!
  • Decisions to make on your problems: make excuses for them; feel sorry for yourself; or work to solve them????
  • A great weekend personal assignment: read as much as you can this weekend. See how much you can learn. Then apply it in this upcoming week!
  • The most successful people in life control the controllable things in their life. Those that stay on top of these have a chance to be on top!
  • Learn from life by evaluating backwards (what happened); progress with life by living life forward (what can happen)! Don’t live in past!
  • Today is always a great day to get something done that you DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING. Usually this leads to great momentum on other things!
  • Observing & absorbing: so important to be a keen observer. But equally important to absorb what you learn. Need both steps to succeed!
  • One of the best qualities we can possess is the ability to “bring energy” every day. Energy is a multiplier – it pulls others in.
  • Looking for excuses is easy because there are lots of them out there. Fighting through challenges is hard — BUT: it usually leads to success!
  • Successful people have a willingness to dig in when times are tough. The alternative is to give in-definitely much easier but never successful!
  • Do what you do best; do it that way all the time; continue to learn–and accept nothing less of yourself. This is how you continue to climb.
  • Everyone need to understand that talent is a “gift”; but attitude, focus, spirit, discipline, and character are “choices”!
  • Potential or production? Best teams & companies love potential but value & need production. Potential must become production at some point!
  • Best organizations in sports or business have: the resources needed; the environment that fosters success; people w/ character/team mindset!
  • Seeking counsel from those who came before you is on of the most intelligent things you can do for your future success. Find those people!