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Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Your Limiting Believes; Creating a Vision that Emerges with Confidence–Joel Davis, The Coaching Cabin

A barrier to setting worthwhile, meaningful, impactful goals is our own limiting thought systems. Classical music conductor Benjamin Zander references this in his 2008 Ted Talk. He says many of his classical music colleagues look at it this way: 3% of the population likes classical music, if only we could move it to 4%. Benjamin though lives and works with the belief that everybody loves classical music, they just don’t know it yet. This is a completely different way of thinking ~ I would invite you to apply this type of limitless thinking to your thoughts, visions, and goals.

When developing what it is you truly want, the goal you will strive for, it can be supportive to remove your mental limitations and barriers at this stage. Innovative businesses that rely on limitless thinking and creativity for their success have developed a business model that separates their product development teams into 3 groups: The Creative/Dreamers, The Planners, and The Wise Critics.

· The dreamers are given the instructions to create, with no limits, in a perfect world, what would this be, what would this do? etc.

· The planners are then given the dreamers ideas and instructed to answer the question, “what would it take to make this happen?” They are not to critique the vision, only specify the resources needed to make the vision a reality.

· This is then given to the wise critics, who wisely critique the ideas feasibility, purpose, profitability, ecology, etc.

If changes must be made, it is sent back to the planners, then back to the creative team. One of the major rules & keys to the business model’s success is that the dreamers and the critics are never to communicate directly. Companies that embrace this model keep these two groups as far away from each other as possible. Why? Because the critics, though necessary, are vision & dream squashers. They will limit and stifle creativity; never allowing full ideas and visions to develop and emerge.

I share this business model with you as analogy of our own thought system. I invite you to consider, that between our ears, we all personally tend to work in this exact same way. How many times have we all started to have that creative idea and had it squashed by our own internal critic. How many of us either have seen a product or business model, and said “I thought of doing that exact thing years ago, but…”

When setting your goals I invite you to adopt this business model as a thought system. Allow yourself the opportunity and space to develop that vision. In the vision of my best and most authentic life what would my career look like? What would my personal life look like? Remember, at this point don’t allow your critics to come in, they are not yet invited. Then move on to your planner, how could I make this happen? Then to your Wise Critic, is it feasible, ecological, and possible? Don’t stop if it’s not; go back to your planner and present the barrier(s) you uncovered, and then back to your dreamer to make sure your vision is still intact.

The result of allowing yourself the space to dream and uncover your authentic vision, without the voice of critics, allows your full vision to emerge. The visions and goals that emerge from the segregated process of Dreamer > Planner > Critic will come with a level of confidence prepared to withstand the typical challenges of our internal and external worlds.

I invite you to personally utilize this exercise in efforts of achieving your most authentic visions and goals.


About the Author: Joel Davis is a professional life coach focussed on personal & professional development. Joel offers his coaching services at The Coaching Cabin located in Broad Ripple, IN. For more information please visit

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

  1. This is a cool way to look at self-sabotage and a great way to short-circuit that inner critic. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for posting this.!

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