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Changing Your Questions, Changes Your Life!

Guest Post by Chris Cannon:

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and it seems like nothing is going right in your day? I’ve had several! The natural thing to do is evaluate why it’s happening. However, if you’re like me you probably wondered, “Why is this happening to me”? Or even worse, you ask yourself can things get any worse or what else can go wrong? Magically, it seems like something else happens and things do get worse following the question asked during that moment. Most of us never understand how dangerous this is because whatever questions we ask ourselves our mind is programmed to produce an answer, even if it’s not true!

The mind is an asset, as well as, a liability and it works for us 24 hours a day, no vacation, sick, or leave time is ever taken. The mind is very loyal; meaning whatever it’s asked it will produce to please the one asking the questions. At this very moment, our questions influence our perceptions, shape our identity, and build or tear down our confidence to succeed or fail in every area of our lives. The right question at the right time can change the course of our lives forever! Picture if you will two sets of people, those that are rich or poor, happy or sad, defeated or empowered. The only difference in a person being in one of the two groups is the quality of the questions they ask themselves. A quality question produces a quality life, which is why successful people ask better questions, and as a result they get better answers. When you’re honest with yourself and have an open internal dialogue this produces the key to unlock your path to success!

This is a mental shift that takes practice because our habit of asking self-defeating questions comes from years of past programming. A person who needs money might ask themselves, why am I broke? Here’s what their mind might give as an answer, you’re ugly, you make bad decisions, your family is broke, and the list goes on. This question also stops the mind from producing a solution based on the wording of the question. If money challenges are the focus, a better question is what can I do to make more money. You might get a ridiculous response like rob a bank, hit an old lady over the head and take her purse, or flip burgers. It might sound crazy, but asking yourself what you can do to make money at least causes your mind to seek creative solutions to produce your desired result.

How do you REALLY want to live? What can you do immediately to become the person needed to achieve all that you want? How can you keep this lifestyle once you obtain it? These are a few questions that when asked daily, will attract the momentum to make dreams realities. The authentic quality of a happy life comes from consistent, quality questions because asking great questions causes the mind to automatically focus on finding better solutions. Your mental computer is always on to serve you, when a question is submitted it produces visual images to satisfy the programming in our mental memory.

Throughout my life, I’ve been driven by a single question – how can I help improve the quality of life for others? This question not only helped me understand my internal    motivation, but it also helped me provide focus to my thoughts. The essential security in life comes from knowing that every day we’re improving in some way, that we’re increasing the quality of our lives and that we bring value to our friends, family, and others we come in contact with. There are three questions to ensure improvement to our life and being an asset to others. What area of my life did I improve in today? How did I add to someone else’s life today? What have I contributed to today?

We as people with unlimited potential have the right to live the ultimate life of fulfillment and questions are the primary factor in this equation. We are qualified, equipped, and capable to achieve almost anything that our minds can imagine. When we seize it, this is the first step to having more excitement, more passion, more confidence, and more love in our lives than we ever imagined. If we’re headed down a path that takes us away from everything we’re purposed and passionate about doing, we may want to evaluate, think, and re-frame our questions.

Asking questions now is critical to our lives later, because at the end of our lives we will ask the three most important questions that matter most above all else. Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? The answers to these questions in life can only be answered by the questions we ask and answer today. Maximize every moment and live with no regrets to ensure your answers to these future questions. Today, how will you live? How will you love? How will you matter?

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