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6 Steps to “Do You” This Year


Learn how to “Do You” in 6 easy steps!

It’s time again! The New Year is upon us and what are we going to do?

Have you thought of what your New Year’s resolution would be?

Are you ready to make the commitment or have you already blown off the idea of even setting one as you never follow through with it anyhow?

Either way, the question still remains, what are you going to do in the New Year?

I come up with plans, then each of those get analyzed to death! By doing this the idea remains just that, an idea. The concept is clear, and it would require little effort to get it going but then come the excuses. “This isn’t going to work” and “That is going to cost too much” “I don’t have the time”. Then because of lack of confidence the plan becomes a, remember when moment.

Going back to notes where I had drawn out amazing business plans or products that no one had thought of down to the design of the packaging, ideas on how businesses would be operated and all the people that would be involved. Complete Business plans, outlines, drafts, and even blueprints.

At the time, the idea was the “next best thing” but, then life happened and well you know the story!

Back to the day in and day out routine. Doing all that you can just to survive. Praying that you will be able to make ends meet and that you won’t lose your job or “journey of the broke”.

Is this really what we want this year? Do we really want just more of the same?

This year could bring opportunity, if we allow it! If we manage to position ourselves in a way where we can grow and develop into better people, not by what others think, but by what we think of ourselves!

We, all too often, lose sight of what is important because we spend so much of ourselves focusing on work and other responsibilities. When we take care of others, this leaves even less time for us to focus on what we need. We can’t depend on others to provide for us on some levels. We must be able to provide this for ourselves.

This year, I have decided to “Do Me”. That doesn’t mean that no one else matters. It doesn’t mean that I won’t handle my responsibilities and take care of what is needed. It merely means that for this next year I am going to focus on “me” and “Do Me” provide “me” with what I need to be a better person all around. A year to focus on what changes I need to make and make them. A year to build myself up and establish a foundation for the years to come.  Lay the ground work so that I can build a new life or at least one better than what it has been.

Plan for success and carry it out! Make a final decision not on what I WILL accomplish and see it through.

FOCUS on you and use the 6 simple steps to keep yourself on track!

  • Framework – establish a steady framework from which to build on.
  • Opportunity – identify where changes are needed to reveal opportunities that are available.
  • Concentrate – get in touch with yourself and place emphasis on what is most important to you.
  • Understand – through challenges comes knowledge but learning provides understanding.
  • Strength – Maintain strength through each trial faced on the journey.

“Do You” and allow this year to be the turning point in your life.

– by Julie Andrews


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