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How to Transform Your Dreams into Accomplishments

by Johnny Flewellen

Who among us wouldn't love to be a better person and live a more fulfilling life? Share on XMaybe you wish you were richer, thinner, healthier, or more successful. Perhaps you’d like a more fulfilling love life or a fuller social calendar. Make sure you’re not making the mistake so many other people make and simply waiting for those things to happen on their own. It’s only by taking action that you’ll ultimately get where you want to be.

This is the case regardless of what you’re hoping to achieve in your life. After all, even people who manage to beat the odds and win the lottery had to facilitate their stroke of good luck by deciding to buy a ticket! Let’s take a look at how you can take your dreams and transform them into real circumstances through actions and purposeful planning.


Clarify your goals and decide on a time frame.

Everyone knows what it’s like to have deadlines and quotas that need to be met at work… but have you ever taken the time to think about why those benchmarks are in place? It’s because they’re the only way to really get things done and make progress. Before you can reach your goals, you need to first figure out what they really are. Next you need to establish a time frame and make a plan for actually reaching those goals. Think about a part of your life that you really wish was different or better, whether that’s your weight or the direction your career is taking. Set a specific goal you’d like to reach and attach a deadline to it. Ask those closest to you to help hold you accountable when it comes to following through.

Make sure your expectations are realistic.

Making progress is part of a process that is going to take some real time, so don’t expect to be able to change everything overnight. Make sure the goals and deadlines you’re setting are actually realistic. Otherwise, you’ll quickly get discouraged and reach a point where you’re ready to throw in the towel. Consider asking a professional consultant to help you set reachable goals if you’re not sure you can do it on your own. When it comes to long-term plans, break the process up into smaller milestones. This not only helps show you you’re marking progress, but it helps keep you from drifting off course as well.

Knowledge is helpful… but it’s not everything.

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

Some people feel that improving their quality of life automatically means going out and getting another degree or hitting the books and studying something new. While there’s never anything wrong with acquiring more knowledge or more credentials, it’s important to realize that they’re not a means to an end by themselves. You need to be able to apply what you learn in a way that facilitates real change, so keep this in mind when formulating your plans.

As you can see, making real progress in life really is all about taking action and purposefully moving ahead toward one’s goals. Look for ways you can apply this philosophy today and experience the difference it makes for yourself!


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