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Protect Your Goals from the Dream-Dashers

by David Schaefer

There are people, usually due to their own insecurities, who will directly or indirectly attempt to sabotage your dreams. They are known as naysayers, success saboteurs or Dream-Dashers.

If you truly believe in something you want to accomplish, whether for yourself or to aid others, do not let these negative forces in. They will diminish your vision and squelch your excitement before you realize what is happening.

Sometimes the Dream-Dasher is disguised as one offering to play the devils advocate (an appropriate moniker) or this person, for whatever reason, will literally try to talk you out of your vision.

If you have realistically weighed the value of your pursuit and believe whole-heartily in your dream, then carefully determine with whom and how you will communicate your vision. Share your idea with the individual who is supportively honest and trustworthy. This person may be a friend, a mentor, or perhaps a coach.

When you believe in your vision and you want to see it grow and prosper, engage the people who you know will be nurturing. While they relish your enthusiasm, they will also reveal additional ideas to help crystallize your thinking. This is very different than approaching people who seem to find strange pleasure in sabotaging a person’s ideas, dreams and goals.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

It is exciting when you can share news about an idea you have developed. In fact, it is a conscious and subconscious move forward when you can share your vision. The experience of sharing your dream with someone who is positive and supportive will actually strengthen your belief that you can achieve it. Such a trusted individual can often help you expand your vision with even more possibilities.

Believe in the genius that gave birth to your idea, be cautious as to whom you entrust your precious imagination, and then enthusiastically pursue your dream with insight and planning.


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