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Ponder Your Life Goals in an “Ideas Book”

By Kevin Dee

Some time ago I received a rather nice notebook as a Christmas present.  It is a hardback book and inserted amongst the note pages are photographs of my family.  It was a nice gift that I didn’t want to waste, so I pondered about how I might use it.

I decided to use the book as an “Ideas Book” … a book that is for me personally, and captures ideas for my life.

I have numerous sections in the book …

There is a section on health and fitness, that has some goals (which I can modify with time).  This section contains some ideas about health and fitness related activities and goals that I might be interested in over time.

I have a section for travel … I add places of interest over time and it helps me to understand where are places that truly interest me that should be on my bucket list, and where are other places that might be of interest.

I have section about work … what I enjoy, what intrigues me, what strengths I think I have and what I am not so good at!  This helps me to think about the future and what I might enjoy doing with my time after Eagle.  It also helps me to understand where I might need help in my current role.

I have section devoted to writing.  This is something I enjoy so perhaps I might write a book or two.  This section contains some book ideas, along with some details that I add from time to time … plots for novels etc.

I have a section for hobbies … things I do now, and things I might do in the future.

The whole idea of the book was to capture ideas as they came to me and to have one resource that might help me to plan my life.  It has been an interesting exercise, and one that I highly recommend.  It is like capturing your goals in one place, adding some prospective goals over time and having all of the relevant data to determine what is important to YOU … in one place.

Of course it doesn’t need to be on paper, it can be digital … but I enjoy the book, leafing through it, pondering the entries and flipping back and forth.  I find it helps my creative thinking.  I also like the fact that I can pick it up any time, and do some thinking about the various topics in it.

The book has become much more than an “ideas book” … it is rapidly becoming the blueprint for my life.

Try it … it has helped me to clarify some of my thinking, it might just work for you too!


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