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Goal Setting: The 21 Most Important Principles

These are the twenty one most important principles of goal setting and goal achieving according to business and success author Brian Tracy:

  1. Unlock your potential
  2. Take charge of your life
  3. Create your own future
  4. Clarify your values
  5. Determine your true goals
  6. Decide upon your major definite purpose
  7. Analyze your beliefs
  8. Start at the beginning
  9. Measure your progress
  10. Eliminate the roadblocks
  11. Become an expert in your field
  12. Get around the right people
  13. Make a plan of action
  14. Manage your time well
  15. Review your goals regularly
  16. Visualize your goals continually
  17. Activate your superconscious mind
  18. Remain flexible at all times
  19. Unlock your inborn creativity
  20. Do something every day.
  21. Persist until you succeed.

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