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The Goal Post

by Qaiser Abbas


Have you ever played football without having goalposts? During a training course, I once got the senior executives of a bank to try the experience of playing football without goalposts. What happened? After a few minutes they were all confused, exhausted and drained. There was a lot of activity but zero productivity. They had no strategy, no plans, no coordination and no enthusiasm at any point in the game. Eventually, they lost interest and decided to call it quits.


This is exactly what happens when we live a life without clear-cut goals. We end up feeling tired and drained but achieve no significant success. Eventually, we lose our enthusiasm to carry on and call the game of life off.


The key to success and prosperity is having clear-cut, plain and unambiguous goals. I suggest you re-look at all the major areas of your life and set goals. Below is a guideline for goal setting:



There is nothing bad about wanting more money. Money can help you attain heights that you never could accomplish without it. Set a goal to become a millionaire. About 8 years ago, when my monthly income was a mere Rs. 1800, I decided to aim for 10 times more than that. Guess what? Now (and this is not to impress you) my training fee for a single day is approximately 100 times more than I was making in the entire month – and the credit goes to the Tick Tick Dollar™ philosophy.  How much do you want to earn by a certain age? What is holding you back?



In order to support your financial goals, you need to have clear-cut career goals. What level do you want to attain in your career? What will your career aspirations ultimately lead you to?



You will probably agree with me that elevating your career to new heights is possible only with the right skill set and education. Do you need to acquire a new degree? Is there any knowledge in particular you need to acquire? What expertise and skills will you need to achieve your goals? What books do you need to read? What self-development program do you need to take? Remember, what goes in comes out. I read a beautiful thought somewhere a few years ago that deeply impacted my personal development initiatives and philosophy: ‘Put better ideas in your mind, and your mind will give you better performance.’



Don’t you need excellent health and fitness to achieve your educational, financial and career goals? What goals will help to ensure a sustained level of energy and vitality? Are there any athletic feats you want to achieve, or do you simply want to enjoy good health well into old age? What steps can you take to achieve perfect physical health and fitness?



Do you have any special talents or artistic abilities and want to harness them? Do you want to learn to play some musical instruments? Do you want to take art classes? Do you wish to be the center of attention at family gatherings because of your special talents and performing arts abilities?



Do you get negative feedback from your close friends about your attitudes? Are there any feelings, emotions or attitudes that may become obstacles to your future growth?  Is any part of your mindset holding you back? Is there any part of the way that you behave that upsets you? If so, set a goal to improve your behavior or find a solution to the problem.



What gives you pleasure? What experiences would you like to go through? Do you aim to embark on such extreme sports experiences as paragliding, canoeing, sky diving, rock climbing, skiing, parachuting, etc? What other activities do you have in mind that can give you a feeling of joy, pleasure, thrill and excitement?



What are your aspirations for your family? What quality of life would you wish to provide for your family? What experiences would you wish to share with your family? Do you wish to be a parent? If so, how are you going to be a good parent? How do you wish to be perceived by your spouse or by members of your extended family? How do you wish to create feelings of pride in your parents?



How can the world become a better place because of you? What can you share, contribute and give to this world? What goals would you set to improve the quality of life around you?


You may also find that these goals are deeply connected and interdependent. When you seriously work on them you will notice that success in one goal may leverage your overall success as the attainment of one goal is often interlinked with another.

At this stage, your task is to just figure out your aspirations in each area of your life. You don’t have to worry about plans, strategies and specifications.  The basic purpose is to write down the ideas streaming through your mind; the objective is to give free rein to your imagination and dare to think big.

The next stage is to take these ideas forward and convert them into SMART Goals.


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