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Are you motivated?

The Motivated Person The Unmotivated Person
  • Sets goal–long and short range, tangible and intangible, written, time limits, visualized,  and has a daily plan of action.
  • Has a meandering life, is task motivated, procedure motivated, and is motivated by comfortable methods, directed by what others think.
  • Has a positive attitude.
  • Thinks negatively.
  • Is a winner. Looks at their strengths and thinks of all the reasons things can be done.
  • Is a loser.  Looks at their weaknesses and thinks of all the reasons things can’t be done.
  • Understands failure and moves ahead. Has a proper attitude toward mistakes and understands as Emerson said, “All our gains are from the fruit of venture.”
  • Fears failure and holds back. They usually want a safe, known area where there is no risk, and consequently, no growth.
  • Controls own destiny. They understand that where they are, and what they are because that is where they really want to be.
  • Blames circumstances. Thinks success is based on luck.
  • “For real,” and are totally honest.”
  • Phony and is basically dishonest.
  • Has a high self image.
  • Has low self image.
  • Does lots of “possibility thinking,” like great people “act”– little people “react.”
  • Reacts and thinks as they have been conditioned to think and react.
  • Makes decisions and accept the consequences.
  • Weak, wishy-washy a procrastinator.
  • Looks ahead and grows from the past.
  • Looks back and relives past failures.

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