Real Colors
Personality Assessment &
Team Building Workshop



If you had a key that would unlock the answers to how to
motivate/Challenge your team in the most effective way, would you use it?

The Real Colors Personality Instrument is a simple, easy to administer system for identifying
the four temperaments: (Blue, Gold, Green or Orange).

  • The workshop provides players with an effective tool for understanding how they are naturally wired, as well as their teammates & coaches. It uncovers motivators specific to each temperament. improves communication skills & appreciation of different roles.
  • Through our experience at the DI and professional levels we strive to bridge the gap between players and coaches at a practical level.
  • In 2 hours with your team, players and coaches will learn what the teamĀ weaknesses/strengths look like on and off the court.
  • This workshop is dynamic. entertaining. and is presented In a fast-paced, interactive format that delivers unprecedented retention.

To schedule a workshop contact:

April (McDivitt) Schilling

Certified Facilitator of Real Colors Assessment
& Team Building Program
call 805.886.9867
Price is negotiable