Team Building for Businesses

Real Colors
Personality Assessment &
Team Building Workshop

If you had a key that would unlock the answers to how to motivate/Challenge your team in the most effective way, would you use it?

The Real Colors Personality Instrument is a simple, easy to administer system for identifying the four temperaments: (Blue, Gold, Green or Orange).


  • The workshop provides participants with an effective tool for understanding how they are naturally wired, as well as their co-workers. It uncovers motivators specific to each temperament. improves communication skills & appreciation of different personalities.
  • In the ideal workplace, leaders are visionaries who inspire their staff to do their best, and recognize and appreciate each team member. The staff works together without conflict to achieve common goals. People recognize and respect each other’s strengths, support each other, and enjoy coming to work.
  • With Real Colors as your training partner, those ideals can become your company’s reality. We help companies build on their strengths and reach new levels of success!
  • This workshop is dynamic. entertaining. and is presented In a fast-paced, interactive format that delivers unprecedented retention.


To schedule a workshop contact:

April (McDivitt) Schilling

Certified Facilitator of Real Colors Assessment & Team Building Program call 805.886.9867 email: Price is negotiable