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Firming Plan

Join the Club! Firming Plan Membership does have its privileges—and getting a sleek, super-sculpted body is one of them! Here’s how to make that monthly fee really pay off By Janet Lee; photography by Randi Berez Join the Club! Firming Plan A gym gives you support, tons of exercise options, and a change of scenery from at-home workouts—three things that can help you bust boredom and plateaus. But all those tools and machines can be intimidating! So to get you started, Michelle Lovitt (trainer to stars like Courteney Cox and Lauren Graham) designed a total-body toning routine that incorporates the most effective gear in the club. Slip on [more]

How to Start Biking

How to Start Biking If you're ready to shape up, have fun and burn as many as 900 calories an hour (yes, please!), check out Health's right-now guide to biking. 3 Ways to bike stronger "Muscle imbalances increase your risk of back, neck or knee pain and decrease your efficiency on the bike," notes celebrity trainer Michelle Lovitt. These moves strengthen your body and help boost your biking ability. Do 3 sets of 15 reps of each, 3 times a week, on days when you're not cycling. Start with a light weight (5 pounds) and build up. Jason Lee Gear Up!: Seven essentials for your next [more]

Metabolism Guru

A Hollywood Trainer's Secret For A Flatter Belly After 40 You know your belly won't be walking the red carpet anytime soon, but if you're going to work out, why not give it a little makeover? Metabolism guru Michelle Lovitt will show you how. By BARI LIEBERMAN JUNE 12, 2014 WRITE A COMMENT PHOTO BY LEELA CYD The sun was just breaking over the LA horizon as Michelle Lovitt kicked off another early-morning workout with her new client. On tap was an intense, 45-minute strength-training session that involved seemingly endless burpees and squat jumps. It was grueling, but this client—a charismatic and likable overachiever in her 40s—was [more]

Get A Superstar Body

Get A Superstar Body When looking good is part of your job, fitness becomes a high priority. We asked top trainers how they help Hollywood celebrities stay in amazing shape—€”and how you can do it, too. Getty Images/Ramon Gamarra Stars aren't like us. Yes, they crave cheeseburgers, struggle to take off baby weight and even—gasp!—get cellulite. But they can throw money at the problem, spending upward of $300 an hour on the best trainers to transform their bodies. Not to mention, an A-lister's paycheck often hinges on her staying in peak form. "Celebrities have motivation, determination and, most importantly, pressure," notes Los Angeles trainer Michelle Lovitt, who [more]

Chia Seeds

We all hear of those new trendy foods promising to keep our waistlines lean and our brains at peak performance, but are they really worth the hype? Chia Seeds Here is a little experiment; get a glass of water and toss in a spoonful of Chia seeds, letting it sit for about 30 minutes. Like magic, you’ll come back to a glass filled with an almost solid gelatin, due to the soluble fiber found in Chia. Why is this important? Researchers hypothesize that this event also occurs in the stomach when the fibers are eaten. This effect allows a physical barrier between [more]

50 Clean Eating Super Foods

If you have recently started a clean eating plan, or if you have had one for a while, but feel that you need to add some variety to your clean eating diet, the Gracious Pantry has posted an article that you need to take a look at. The post lists "Clean Eating Super Foods" that are affordable and that definitely need to be on your next grocery list! Click here to read: 50 Clean Eating Super Foods We have links on the site to two other others from the gracious pantry: The Beginners' Guide to Clean Eating Grocery Shopping What Weight [more]

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